Sales is a challenging landscape to thrive in, even for the most educated and experienced professionals. In a world where consumer expectations are changing, sales cycles are growing more complex, and company budgets are decreasing, sales professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver exceptional results, with limited resources. 

It’s little wonder that only 24.3% of salespeople said they effectively exceeded their quotas in 2021. To thrive in this competitive landscape, sales reps need guidance, support, and easy access to the right information.

Artificial intelligence, 2023’s main technology driver, is finding its way into more and more sales enablement solutions, helping to replace manual efforts with automated guidance.

Demoleap, a Tel Aviv-based real-time guided selling platform, is investing in this evolving landscape with a live AI sales assistant that accompanies reps during their calls and offers guidance in real time to help them perform at a high level each time.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Demoleap platform can do. 

What is Demoleap? An Introduction to the Platform

Demoleap is a real-time guided selling platform powered by AI. It provides sales reps with in-call assistance and customized playbooks to help reps perform consistently on each call.

The solution aims to assist sales reps, no matter their experience, in replicating winning sales plays on every call with best-practice guidance delivered in real-time.

Demoleap’s technology can adapt dynamically to objections and issues that arise during sales calls, providing reps with tips and instant knowledge base access while automatically logging all call information into relevant CRM fields so sales teams can stay updated easily and immediately following calls.

The Demoleap platform aims to improve sales processes by reducing the cognitive load on sales reps – the mental wear-and-tear that is innate to humans – which can affect the performance quality of sales calls.

If, for example, a rep did not get enough sleep or is experiencing personal issues – factors which can affect their attitude or tone of voice in calls – Demoleap can be used as a safety net, ensuring a level of consistency on each call thanks to live AI assistance that compliments the rep’s skills and keeps the human touch in tact – a crucial trait prospects look for.

Demoleap Review: Features

Demoleap offers two versions of its platform: Demoleap and Demoleap Mastermind.

Demoleap, the basic solution, comes with access to:

  • Qualification playbooks: Ensure SDRs and BDRs can ask the right questions when connecting with leads with step-by-step qualification guidelines. 
  • Discovery playbooks: Crafted templates for lead discovery during product demos, standalone sessions and more. 
  • Demo playbooks: Give sellers real-time access to all the tools they need to succeed, with pre-demo planning, real-time coaching, and live AI co-pilot guidance. 

The service also comes with access to comprehensive analytical tools, allowing teams to measure and build on their playbook performance. The analytics system includes live dashboards, CRM integrations, and visual reports for end-to-end visibility. Companies can also adapt their sales guidelines and playbooks to their specific needs, then share all of their best practice guidelines to the rest of their team with a couple of clicks. 

Demoleap Mastermind: The Premium AI Solution

Demoleap Mastermind is the next-level AI solution in the Demoleap portfolio, which enhances the existing real-time playbook tools offered by the platform using an intuitive AI assistant. The assistant guides sales teams through every call with dynamic, personalized support. 

Not only does it provide suggested answers to every question a prospect might have using voice-triggered battle cards, it also utilizes real-time intent analysis. This means team members can access insights into customer intent cues as they progress through a call, adapting their conversation to the perceived needs of their audience. 

Demoleap Mastermind includes:

  • Voice-triggered battle cards: Using natural language processing, the Demoleap assistant addresses customer concerns, objections, and comments with suggestions on how to respond. This helps agents build rapport and tackle issues quickly and efficiently. 
  • Live speaker insights: Live insights into speaker sentiment, engagement, and intent give sellers a behind-the-scenes view of which leads are actually engaged and when they need to change tactics to drive the customer through the sales cycle. 
  • Real-time transcription: Demoleap Mastermind eliminates the need to take notes during conversations with real-time conversation transcriptions, which are automatically uploaded to supporting CRMs.
  • Data capture and sync: Reduce call overheads with a smart CRM integration that allows sellers to capture and sync all data and notes from any call to specific CRM fields.
  • AI autopilot: Demoleap’s AI can even automate aspects of the sales process with autopilot capabilities that control the salesperson’s mouse, typing, and screen movements during demonstrations. This ensures the agents can focus solely on speaking with the prospect.

Like Demoleap’s playbooks, Demoleap Mastermind comes with analytical tools to help sales teams optimize their results over time. The solution can comb through data gathered from call transcriptions and correlate the insights with KPIs such as conversion rates and engagement, eliminating the need for high-level data analysis on the sales leader’s part. 

It can also help to highlight any knowledge gaps or issues that might be harming sales performance without asking team members to sit through hours of conversations to find crucial trends.

Demoleap Review: The Verdict

Today’s sales professionals are under more pressure than ever. Not only do they need to adapt to new sales methods at an incredible rate, but they’re faced with ever more discerning customers and prospects to convert.

Demoleap and Demoleap Mastermind aim to bridge these gaps in the sales cycle.

The solutions take advantage of automation, analytical insights, and artificial intelligence to give all sales reps the tools to convert more leads.

By using a solution such as Demoleap, sales teams can become more efficient in how they conduct their training and coaching, saving time on onboarding, reskilling, and upskilling their teams.