The Internet is flooded with complaints from users about the green line issue on the OnePlus devices.

Users are complaining that they started seeing green lines on the display of their OnePlus phone after the update, and it started to get worst from that point.

It starts with one vertical line, and then the lines keep increasing until it covers a major portion of the screen and renders the phone useless.

Let’s see the reason behind it and how you can fix the OnePlus green line issue on display.

What Is Green Line Issue on OnePlus?

The green line issue is a hardware issue on the phones with AMOLED displays. This issue is being encountered in devices from all the brands using AMOLED displays.

Suddenly a thin vertical (horizontal sometimes) green line will appear on the phone’s display.

Initially, your device will be usable, but the green line will be distracting. But with time, this green line will keep multiplying, and you will start seeing more and more green lines until your device’s display is completely dead.

Reason For Getting Green Line On OnePlus Display

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

Users are haunted by the sudden appearance of green lines on their OnePlus devices.

This issue has affected many users globally, and people are afraid to buy new OnePlus devices.

Generally, the green line issue is a sign of hardware damage encountered when the display is damaged internally, like after dropping the phone or due to water damage.

However, as per reports from the users, it has come to the limelight that OnePlus’s software update is causing the issue.

Users have claimed they started facing the issue after installing a recent software update.

Not only this, but some users have also reported that the green line automatically appeared on their phones even without the software update.

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

You will find users on Reddit, Twitter, OnePlus Community, and other platforms reporting this issue green line issue.

How To Fix the OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

The only way to solve this issue is by taking your phone to the service center and getting the display replaced.

However, there are a few steps that you can try to solve the issue.

If the issue is solved by these methods, then this will save you the hassle of visiting the service centers. Here’s what you can do-

Restart Your Device

Try restarting your OnePlus phone. If this issue appears out of nowhere and is due to software-related reasons, then probably restarting your phone should fix the issue.

After the restart, check if the green line appears on the display.

If you don’t see the green line, you are good to go; otherwise, try the next step in this article.

Update OnePlus Software

We know the issue is caused due to software update. The real connection of the issue with the software update is still unsure, but you can try updating the software and see if that fixes the issues.

Given below are the steps to update the OnePlus phone’s software-

  • Open the Settings of your OnePlus phone.
  • Tap on the System option and then on System Updates.

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

  • The device will check for available updates.

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

  • If you see any update, then install it.

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

Restart Your Phone In Safe Mode

When you boot your phone in safe mode, your phone will start with limited services and apps.

If the issue is caused due to software-related reasons, you won’t face it in the green line. Follow the steps mentioned below to boot your phone in safe mode-

  • Press and hold the Power button to open the Power Menu.
  • Now in the Power Menu, long press the Power Off option.

Power Off

  • You will see a popup message saying Reboot to safe mode; tap on OK to continue.

Reboot To Safe Mode

  • Once your phone is in safe mode, see if you still face the issue.

If the green line is gone when using the phone in safe mode, it’s a software issue, and a simple factory reset will solve it.

However, if you still see the green line, you must take your phone to the service center.   

Factory Reset OnePlus Phone

If you didn’t get a green line issue on your OnePlus phone when you booted it in safe mode, then it is probably some software-related issue, and you can try resetting your phone to fix it.

Before you reset your OnePlus phone, back up all the data on your phone. This is how you can factory reset your OnePlus phone-

  • On your OnePlus phone, open the Settings app.
  • Here tap on the System option.

System Settings

  • Now, tap on Reset Options.

Reset Options

  • Tap on the Erase all data (factory reset).

Factory Reset

  • Now, tap the Erase All Data and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the OnePlus phone.

Erase All Data

Visit OnePlus Service Centre

The above steps were to save you the hassle of visiting the OnePlus service center in case the issue is solved. However, if the above steps don’t solve the issue, the last resort will be visiting the service center.

OnePlus has addressed this issue on their smartphones, and they are giving free screen replacements to all the users facing this issue, even if their device is out of warranty.

If your phone is under warranty, your request will be processed as usual; you only have to carry your bill and the device with the issue to the service.

Ensure your phone does not have any physical damage. Service centers might deny free screen replacement if they notice any scratches or physical damage, whether your phone is under warranty. If you use a screen protector on your phone, remove it before visiting the service center because they may blame the screen protector for the issue and deny the service. 

If your phone has no physical damage, and the service center neglects your issue and refuses to offer free screen replacement, you can contact OnePlus support. You can also tweet on Twitter (now X) regarding the issue and tag all the OnePlus handles for better assistance.

OnePlus Phones That Are Affected With The Green Line Issue

Users are facing the issue after installing the OxygenOS 13 update. The green line mostly occurred on phones with the AMOLED display after updating to the OxygenOS 13.

Given below is the list of all the OnePlus phones which are facing this issue-

  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • OnePlus 7T Pro
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 10T
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 10R
  • OnePlus 11R
  • OnePlus 11

These are some of the most commonly affected OnePlus models by the issue. There are reports from users that even some Nord series phones are also getting the same green line issue after the update.

Not only the old OnePlus models but there are reports from users facing the same issue on the OnePlus 11 Series (with OnePlus 11R and OnePlus 11) launched this year.


The green line issue on OnePlus Devices is huge, and there have been many complaints from users regarding the same.

You must visit the service center to get your display replaced for free (if your phone has no physical damage).

But before that, you can try the other steps mentioned in this article and see if the issue is solved without visiting the service center.