Not sure why the lights on your BlendJet is Blinking Red and Purple.

We will help you know why and how you can fix the issue.

BlendJet flashes different colors of light for different purposes.

For instance the light ring around the power button changes from purple to blue with the increase in charge.

It turns completely blue when the BlendJet is completely charged.

Similarly, with battery exhausting the color will again change from blue to purple your blendjet will still continue blending or pulsing as it still has battery left.

Why is my BlendJet Blinking Red and Purple?

Your BlendJet blinks Red and Purple when the battery is dead and it needs charging.

You can charge your Blendjet to fix the Red and purple flashing.

Be sure to check if the USB cable is connected properly with a working adapter.

You may try changing the adapter and USB cable to see if it works for you.

If your BlendJet is old you may need to change the battery.

Note: Do not charge your BlendJet when it’s wet.

If your BlendJet continues to flash Purple and Red light even after charging properly try contacting Blendjet support.

BlendJet Blinking Red and Blue

If your BlendJet is flashing Red and blue it means the Jar is not aligned properly with the base properly.

Loosen the jar and align the jar and base properly and tighten it again.

Note: The arrow may not align properly.

When the power button flashes white instead of red then you are good to go.

BlendJet Showing Continous Red Light

When our BlendJet is showing solid Red light it means the blades are jammed.

You need to flip and shake the Blendjet to resolve the issue.

Why Is My Blendjet Not Working?

Here are the most common reasons why your BlendJet is not working.

Low Battery

Your BlendJet will flash red and purple when it is completely discharged. You need to plug it into charging.

BlendJet will charge completely in 1.5 hours and can do around 15 blends in one full charge.

Fuse blown

If the fuse of your BlendJet has blown it will not work. Check the fuse and change it if it is blown.

Motor Damaged

If the motor of the Blenjet has damaged or burnt out then it will not work properly or stop working completely.

You need to get your BlendJet checked with the BlendJet support team in this case.


If BlenJet is overheated it will automatically shut down until cooled down to prevent any damage.

You need to give it some time to let it cool down before trying again to switch it on.

Damaged Blades

If the blades of BlendJet has damaged you need to get it replaced before trying to turn it on again.


Putting too many heavy materials/solids may prevent your BlendJet to work properly. Try removing some to fix the issues

Blender jammed

Your Blendjet flashed red and blue light when it is jammed, try flipping and shaking the container to lose the materials inside.

Note: All the solutions provided in this article work for both BlendJet and BlendJet 2.


Hope the solution provided has helped you resolve the issue with your BlendJet. If you still not able to get your Blendjet to work then you need to contact BlendJet support at:


Email: [email protected]


Why is my BlendJet blinking purple 3 times?

If your Blendjet is Blinkinking purple 3 times it means that it is locked. You need to hold the power button for 3 seconds. The light will flash blue 3 times and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can lock the BlendJet in the same manner by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

What color is BlendJet when charged?

When The light ring around the power button turns blue and completely fills it means your BlendJet is fully charged. It may take up to 1.5 Hours.

Can you put a BlendJet in the fridge?

You can keep your BlendJet in a refrigerator, but not in the freezer.

How do I know when my BlendJet is fully charged?

The light ring on the BlendJet will show a solid blue circle when it is fully charged.