Activision is very strict when it comes to tolerance against cheaters or rule-breaking.

Their games like Call of Duty have inbuilt anti-cheat system which is updated regularly. And their team also actively looks for players using any inappropriate means or cheating and applies penalties shadow bans or permanent bans.

But there are times when you may feel like you were banned for no reason from Activision or regret your mistake and decide not to carry the wrongdoings again.

Several innocent players have also reported that they were disconnected from the server and banned unfairly in the crossfire with cheaters.

If you are one of those players who have got your Activision account banned by mistake then this article will guide you on how to get unbanned by Activision by submitting a ban appeal in the correct manner.

How to appeal an Activision ban

Here is how to appeal a ban for all Call of Duty titles including CoD MW 2, Warzone, COD Mobile, and Black Ops.

1. Visit Appeal a Ban | Activision Support URL and log in with your Activision account that got banned.

2. Choose the game you were banned from.

3. Next choose the platform where you were playing the game when banned.

4. Select the topic that describes your issue and click Appeal a Ban option and then select Continue and Agree and Continue.

5. You will be asked to provide your email id and Activision ID and form to write down the appeal under 1000 characters.

6. Provide a thorough explanation of how you were banned for no reason and review the same before submitting it.

7. Press submit button and you are done.

Note: Carefully review and submit the Ban appeal as you are not allowed to submit multiple appeals and you may have to wait longer than you think.

You may have to wait for days to get a reply from Activision and if everything goes well you will be unbanned.

We went through several ban appeal examples and found the best way to fill out the appeal form is by pleading your case thoroughly.

You cannot appeal again once your appeal is under review. Moreover, shadow bans can not be appealed.

What Gets You Banned On Activison

  • Using cheats including wallhacks, aimbots, ESP, radars, and auto clickers
  • Using Pirated copy of the game
  • Offensive or abusive behavior toward other players
  • Account sharing
  • Malicious Reporting
  • Using Hacked Account
  • Unauthorized software or manipulation of game data.


How long does Activision ban review take?

Usually, Activision ban review takes 7-10 days but this may take longer. A temporary ban on Activision can last from 2days to 2 weeks. While a permanent ban can remain forever.

Why is my Activision account under review?

Your Activision account goes under review to determine if any terms of the game were broken (Eg; use of cheats, etc.)


So this was how you can appeal a ban on Activision and get your account unbanned in an easy way.