Video games have become an important part of the lives of a lot of gamers. Whether mobile or console games, people like to spend time with their favorite video games as often as possible. 

A study on gaming habits also states that more than 70 percent of users tend to play games on mobile devices or tablets compared to PC games. The popularity of mobile games has substantially increased in recent years.

However, the craze for console games has still not reduced among gamers, as 61% of gamers surveyed revealed to prefer playing games on consoles.

So here is the recap of some of the best PS4 games that you should definitely check out.

Best Rated PS4 Games

Many gaming consoles are popular among video game players. However, Sony’s PlayStation consoles are among the most popular gaming consoles. Even though the release of PS5 moved the focus from PS4 consoles, many games are still compatible.

So, if you are yet to upgrade to PS5 and want to play some amazing games on your older console, here is a recap of some of the best games available on the PS4.

#1 God Of War Ragnarok

Even though God Of War Ragnarok is the sequel to 2018’s God of War and is marketed as a PS5 game, the game can also be played on the PS4.

The game is a hack-and-slash adventure game and can be considered one of the most high-end games available on the gaming console.

#2 Elden Ring

There are a few games like Elden Ring that are heavily popular in the gaming community. This RPG game is one of the most remarkable and features a visually pleasing open world for players.

Not only does the game feature some exceptional regions, and allows users to uncover new and unexplored regions to defeat bosses and gain some amazing items. A few games like Elden Ring are heavily popular among the gaming community.

#3 Resident Evil 4

There is no denying the fact that puzzle adventures are quite exciting among the gaming community. After the popularity of the initial Resident Evil game, the creators have launched various versions of the popular game.

The latest version of the Resident Evil game is available on PS4 and features an enhanced gameplay experience for sure. The game is available on various consoles, including Windows and Xbox.

#4 The Last Of Us

One of the best shooter adventure games out there, The Last of Us, is available on PS4 as a remastered version of the original game, which was available on PS3 originally.

This survival zombie outbreak game is heavily respected among the gaming community for its exceptional gameplay and amazing storytelling. Developed by Naughty Dog, the game is also available for playing on PS4 and PS5.


There are multiple video games that are heavily loved by gamers. Even though many gamers tend to gravitate toward mobile devices these days, some games are experienced best on gaming consoles.

So these were some of the best-rated PS4 games gamers would love to play. These games not only feature amazing gameplay, but they have exceptional characters and storylines that lure gamers in from their opening sequences.