AnimeDao has shut down, owing to legal and financial troubles.

The final nail in the coffin was put by Motion Pictures execs from the US who visited Vietnam, the paradise of piracy. The safe haven for piracy streams of Anime and other movies has been attacked.

The execs were representing ACE, the collaboration of 30 of the biggest global entertainment companies.

They first set the wheels in motion by a subpoena in the US court, that prompted Vietnam authorities to cooperate and go down heavy on AnimeDao amongst others.

Upon mounting pressure from all angles, AnimeDao the popular anime streaming site decide to shut it down and displayed a farewell message on their homepage.

This is devasting news for Anime fans and you might be looking for Animedao alternatives to watch Anime online.

We have got you covered with some good recommendations to keep you entertained.

Best Animedao Alternatives

Here are a few of the best Animedao alternatives to watch Anime for free. You can watch them in any browser of any device.

1. AnimeDao BZ
2. 9Anime
3. AniWatch
4. Anix
5. AnimeNana


AnimeDao alternative

This is not the official site but a good alternative to Animedao, made by fans of the site. You can watch Anime for free here.

Search for anime through the search bar or manually scroll through the list. Then you can select an episode to start streaming it.

You get between three to five servers for each Anime. If one fails then you can immediately switch to another one and continue watching.

That is not all, you can also select the stream quality. It comes in handy when you are on a slower internet or want to save mobile data.

This Animedao alternative even lets you download anime through the streaming player.

2. 9anime

AnimeDao alternatives

If you have ever streamed Anime online then you must have heard of 9anime. It is more than an Animedao alternative.

You can stream any Anime which is available online. There are episode numbers given on the left side for easy switching.

Just like Netflix, Hulu, there is a skip intro button that appears when the intro appears on your screen.

They even have subtitle servers so if you are not liking the current one, you can easily switch to another.

Along with that, there are watch parties that you can join to watch Anime together. You can even start your own room to watch it with friends, family.

And before we move on, you can rely on 9anime proxies list. Because a lot of the 9anime domains are blocked so you can refer to the one which is working on your end.

3. AniWatch

AnimeDao alternatives

Aniwatch is probably the closest you will get as the Animedao replacement. It has one of the widest Anime collections to stream.

The streams and the site as a whole are incredibly fast. It is like watching it on Netflix or Hulu. You can even turn on the setting to skip intros here.

You get two options here – original and dub. The original stream is in Japanese and then if you select a dub server, it changes Anime dubbing to English.

And if you think, that is all for this site like Aniwatch then think again. You can also watch Anime together with friends who are living in a different place.

But if you watch Anime by yourself, you can interact with others through the very active comment section below every episode.

4. Anix

AnimeDao alternatives

Anix is similar to Animedao in terms of collection and Anime HD streams. You can watch most Anime in different stream qualities here.

It even lets you bookmark certain episodes and animes after logging into the site.

Anix even remembers your watch history so you can resume the episode from where left it.

And when you finish an Anime series, it becomes difficult to choose the next one to watch. You can use the random button to get suggestions from the site to stream a new Anime.

Remember Aniwatch having a skip intro button? Anix goes one step further. You can skip intros, outros and set manual timers for skipping certain parts every episode.

5. AnimeNana

AnimeNana is the most simple and easy-to-use Animedao alternative there can be. You can run use it comfortably on any device, thanks to its blocked-based interface.

Simply select an Anime and you can start streaming within seconds. We did not find any ads while streaming Anime either.

In fact, there are almost no ads on any page of the website. This makes it easy to watch Anime on mobile without being annoyed by the ads.

And once you get the hang of everything, you can create your library for your favorite animes by logging in through a Google account.

The only thing which could be better is the dubs. You only get English subs, hard embedded on the streams.

What happened to AnimeDao?

Motion Pictures executives paid a visit to Vietnam, where AnimeDao servers were hosted. They were shutdown along with hundreds other Anime streaming sites that were on 2embed.

Are there AnimeDao Alternatives to Watch Anime?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives to AnimeDao. You can stream Anime on 9Anime, AnimeDao.Bz, AniWatch, and Anix.

Over to You

Granted that AnimeDao has shutdown but this should not stop you from watching Anime online.

We have listed few of the best AnimeDao alternatives to stream Anime online for free.